He has my heart.

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My Warrior.

Yesterday, I got to spend the entire day alone with my son. No sister vying for my attention. Just the two of us, cruising around Lido Island. We walked along the docks, popped in to all the shops, met the owners, had lunch at Zinque and sat down in a quaint bookstore called Lido Village Books. As I watched him stroll the streets with confidence, greet people with a handshake and ask me a million questions, I had a glimpse of the man he would become.  I felt myself holding on to the moment so tightly. I wondered how much longer he would hold my hand as we walked? How many more times would he allow me to kiss him all over his face in public? Caress his hair as we sat down? I try not to get too far ahead of myself, but sometimes my heart beats out logic.

I also get that crazy mom thought of, “No woman will love you the way I do.” But one day, someone will love him that deeply and I assume I will accept that.

Until then, I am relishing in the moment. Loving him so hard, showing him bits and pieces of the world, watching his mind grow and enjoying the little boy he is today. I love you my warrior!

He loves the sun.
Lido Village Books.
Lunch with a smile.

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