My name is Zinat, but my friends call me “Z”. Growing up no one could pronounce my name! I am half Persian, half Irish American. I grew up eating all sorts of cuisines. Having a multi-cultural background, I was exposed to a lot! I am slightly obsessed with travel. Hence, my blog and videos:)) My husband always jokes that I should have been a travel agent, because I can plan any trip, any place in the world. Hence, I planned our wedding in Greece (that was an ordeal)! I am happy to sit in front of the computer for hours at a time researching unique places to go and what to see. It’s a passion I cannot silence.

I am married to my best friend and have two epic kids.

My son Sirous has undergone 3 open heart surgeries by the age of 7 and has changed the core of who I am. I never knew my heart could feel such tremendous joy and such sadness. It’s very difficult having a child with a heart defect, but you will see, he’s quite the stud. He’s bright beyond his years, spirited, defiant, silly and he has my love language down! He loves sharks, chess and traveling as much as I do!

My daughter…Zara…our angel from heaven. She is the kindest soul you will ever meet. She loves her brother more than anything in this world and is for sure a daddy’s girl:) She is passionate about dancing, reading and this girl loves to travel too! She’s the caretaker of our family. I love everything about her.

My husband, Barry. The man! We have been married for over 10 years and he’s the guy who makes it all happen. He works crazy long hours, deals with life and death every single day, comes home, bathes the kids, does laundry and provides us with the opportunities to travel the world. He’s my best friend. I not only love him, but I like him too.

My goal as a parent is to create world citizens. By traveling I want to expose my children to all the cultures that make up this beautiful planet.  I long for them to see the joy, suffering, rituals and religions as they grow up. I hope their souls will be better for it.

Please enjoy our life adventures of traveling with two kids and exploring the world one city at a time! You will also get to experience the journey of a heart family who can get through anything together.

If you ever want to reach out, I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings and safe travels!

Zinat “Z” Torres



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